Permanent, reusable family accounts

To get ready for registration, families set up family accounts, with Guardians, Emergency Contacts and Players. Once established, the account can be used over and over at any SportsOffice-powered organization, including schools. A parent can register 3 players in two minutes at midnight in their PJs. We are a community-wide solution!

Secure, roles-based admin and user access

Our servers are private and highly secure with their own high-speed connection. Admins on four levels gain access through credentialed login and are "hired and fired" in real time. Admins higher on the food chain can supervise and assist Admins below them. One person can do it all, or the work can be spread out and shared by many.

Online registration

Sophisticated yet easy-to-use online registration. Use our really inexpensive credit card processing, including Direct Withdrawal (online check), or use your own. You can even set up Delayed (future) Withdrawals which can be later modified.

Volunteer management

Set up your volunteer policy (non-urgent to mandatory), then activate jobs you need filled. During registration, collect volunteers with admin tools to manage them. For any sorted population, see associated volunteers. Assign volunteers to leagues and teams.

Flexible league and team structuring

Use the "Viewer" tool to study your populations; combine or separate by age (or grade) and gender to determine leagues and teams, based on your resources. Then create those units and move players into them and onto them. Assign admins. Each league and team can have its own sub-site with a bunch of tools.

Powerful communications/file drawer

Post/edit/delete news, articles, links, pictures, and documents in multiple formats for user download, in real time. Send broadcast email to sortable groups - say, the girls in first grade. Make items site-inactive, stored to show the next admin how it worked last year. We make passing the torch easy.


We provide three formats for you to post schedules: league, team and group. Or, you can post a link to a schedule you create in any format. Schedules can live at sport, league or team levels.


The field/pitch/rink/court/track/room, etc. where games/meets/matches/activities take place are "Venues". This tool is where you set up the venues for your Program so that your users can find them and you can plug them into your published Schedules. We even generate Google maps. Admins at all levels in a sport can contribute to the venue "library".


We offer two systems to manage uniforms: single-uniform ID groups and multi-uniform ID teams. Parents specify a size during registration (you can charge $ or not), admins get a great purchasing report and coaches get a great distribution report. You can also sell items during registration.

Income reports

You get self-service, semi-monthly sales/registration reports, downloadable to spreadsheet, which detail "sales" and other (scholarship) transactions.

Emergency info management

Coaches get an extensive report with 15 or more fields of emergency information for each player critical to managing a sickness or injury. Appended is a copy of your Consent/Waiver/Release. This tool is essential in this litigeous world!

Custom banner

All four levels (Org>Sport>League>Team) get individual, customizeable banners to make their unit stand out.

Great customer service

We are not a mass marketer and acquire one customer at a time, with personalized service. We provide service to your organization's users (parents) and your admins. You do not have to train anyone. We do online trainings and take phone calls at no charge.


Because we have engineered our costs to be low, our charges to you are low. We break even on credit card/banking expenses and charge you $1 per player registration per sport-season. If you use our processing services, we charge 3% and ACH your net funds to your bank, semi-monthly. Or you may use and manage your own merchant account, gateway and other banking services at no charge from us.

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