Administrator Central: Where Admins log into their sportsoffice to do their work.

Asst TeamAdmin

Assistant Coach


A player requested to be put on the same team as another player in order to ease anxiety about participation.


Longer information articles which Admins wish to be accessible, more or less permanently, from any "home" level of the public site.

Divvy Tool

Our engine which automates the process of establishing Leagues, Divisions (if needed), Teams, and the distribution of players.

DOB age

the age of a player on a certain date chosen by the ProAdmin; used to determine which league a player plays in.

Emergency Contacts

Responsible persons, usually adults, who are authorized by a MASTER GUARDIAN to be contacted by Your Org (usually the player's Coach) in case of an emergency IF none of the player's GUARDIANs can be reached immediately.


frequently asked questions

Grade Age

The age of a player determined by what grade they were/are/will be in as designated by the ProAdmin; used to determine which league a player plays in.


A parent or relative or babysitter or other responsible person named by the MASTER GUARDIAN of the account to have a role in the PLAYER season. GUARDIANs can edit their own information.


League Administrator; makes Divisions (if used), Teams, assigns Coaches, distributes players, etc., in a League.

Master Guardian

A parent or other primary adult who sets up and can edit the family account on behalf of other GUARDIANs and PLAYERs. MASTER GUARDIANs may designate other GUARDIANs as "MASTER".

News Item

Brief stories or information or bulletins which Admins post, in full, in chronological order down the center column of any "home" level of the public site.


Organization: an organization which runs one or more sports for kids


Organization Administrator; the President or Chairperson or Boss of an organization which runs one or more sports.


Organization Website: Web site of an organization using SportsOffice.


The written-on-paper agreement between an org who wishes to use all the features and SportOffice.

Play down

When a player plays in a league younger than their own age.

Play up

When a player plays in a league older than their own age.

Rec Leagues

Recreation Leagues. Every player is accepted onto an intramural team and gets more or less equal playing time.

Reg Central

Where Master Guardians go to register a player.

Reg Form

Registration Form: The registration form used to collect registrations for a given Org's sport season.

Slicing & Dicing

Our nickname for divvying registered players into leagues, divisions and teams.

Special Req

Special Request: A request made during registration which may help a player's participation.


The ProAdmin is the person in an Org in charge of administrating a sport. For free users, features include managing content & news, venues, schedules & results, and uploads. For paying users, additional capabilities include launching a season, collecting online registration results, making leagues, receiving reports, and supervising everything else.


Team Administrator: The Coach or Manager of the team.

Travel League

Players try out for limited slots on a limited number of teams which compete outside the town.


The field or court or rink or pitch or track, etc., where practices and competitions take place.


A volunteer to do some task in the organization.

vol pol

volunteer policy

vol type

volunteer type

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